To be lucky

ThomasZetterstrom/ januari 27, 2021/ Okategoriserade/ 0 comments

Without any particular reason

The other day I sat speaking with my mother and Anna-Karin about life. At one point I said -I’m lucky. My mother quickly responded -that I have never heard you say!

Made me thinking, no particular reason, just a new profound feeling that had been there with me for a while, found out that it had been there for some time. But what a power it came with when the words was spoken. I think I have been looking at my self as lucky person, but no, today I can say I’m lucky. From inside out. Such a gift, it’s just there. And it stays no matter off the contents during the day, thoughts and emotions, it’s like the base fundament ❤️Thanks to the medicine, the path of fire and my family.

Sometimes the gift is there, and has been there for a while, without you knowing. What a treat to find out.

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