Thomas Zetterström

For me, the spiritual dimension in life has always been present.

Everything has it own voice if you are willing to listen.

The challenge throughout my upbringing and into adulthood was to understand the anxiety that I constantly carried, and the restlessness that constantly made me live in a flight behavior with a longing for something else. Later i found out that this was nothing else but a empty longing heart and the need for self love and self acceptance.

As a young man, I literally searched everywhere for a path and context. Northern shamanism with its drum journeys was probably the strongest, but I did not move on. This despite countless attempts with vision quests and drum trips with both drum and recorded cassettes. I did take me any where.

In 2003 I finished my Reiki Master education and in 2004 Karuna Reiki Master. Ever since then, I have held courses and sessions in Reiki and later on after beeing graduated from the Four Winds merely in shamanism.

The journey begun for real in 2005, a book found its way to me, Shaman healer sage, by Alberto Villoldo. That book literally changed my life and set a whole new energy in motion. This is 16 years ago now and nothing is the same since then.

That same fall, I began my education at The Four Winds Society, Healing the light body school- mastery in energy medicine. The thirst for knowledge was enormous and there were several master classes in addition to light body school. In 2007 I was certified from The Four Winds in the mentor program the Sage and Healing the lightbody School, this after a total of 11 weeks of courses in boarding over 2.5 years in Sweden, USA, England and Holland, this with fantastic meetings, ceremonies and a direction in life who was literally waiting for me. There were many homework, moments of sadness, fear, but mainly joy and the experience of how my life became easier and enormously more joyful. It was a journey in personal leadership, owning my own life. In addition to this several I attended and co- hosted International Shamanic Gatherings in the USA, the Nordic countries, England and Ireland. During these meetings, I shared ceremonies, knowledge and healing together with other shamans from many different traditions and continents.

But, again, there is always more, and my onion is not fully peeled, but it does not sting my eyes in the same way anymore, and today very rarely. And when that happens, I can rest in the fact that I am part of a context that gives me harmony and peace, and I have tools that I know work absolutely fantastic, but it’s all about wanting, and a deep longing to step even further into the medicine and letting my selft grow deeper with it. And to trust that I am part of a much larger context and most of all, a knowing that everything is exactly as it´s supposed to be.

What I experienced then during this first time period resulted in me quitting my previous job in the pharmaceutical industry where I had been working for 7 years with cardiology and psychiatry. Before that, I worked as a reg nurse, from that I bring with me knowlage and experience from emergency care, psychiatry, forensic psychiatry and hospice with palliative care.

I devoted myself to giving healing sessions as well as educating others in shadow work, munay-ki and in the medicine wheel. In parallel, I have brought several groups with international participants to Peru and the Peruvian Amazon. This after receiving a personal invitation from Don Francisco Chura Flores. This happened many years from now, in the spring of 2007 when Munay-Ki was held for the first time in Sweden in 2007. Between 2007 and 2016, I also had Don Francisco and Dona Juanita as my personal mentors. During this time i recived a blessing from them to share the ceremonies of the Andes with others, with You.

After meeting Don Francisco -07 I got a invitation from him to bring groups to Cusco, to share ceremonies and healing with him and his family. In July 2007 was the first time I went there, and the following year I wisited Amazon for the first time, I went there to sit in ceremonie with the now deceased Ayahuasceron Panduro Edinson Rumanya. Since then, there have been many trips and countless ceremonies in many different mountains and sacred places around Cusco and in the Sacred Valley. I have also visited Challmachimpana and Apu Huamanlipa as well as Salcantay several times. The place that have always touched me the most I think is Killarumeoq where I alwayse felt a sort of homecoming.

Today I offer The Pulse of the World Tree, an introductory course to the Shaman’s Medicine Wheel, this is a weekend for you who are new to shamanism, who are curious, for you who want to experience and explore to see what this path and tradition from Qéros has to offer you. We explore this together over a weekend. If you then want to continue and get a deeper experience and understanding, and learn the way of shamanic healing your self, you can continue with the program- the Shaman’s Medicine Wheel

Listed at the The four winds as a registered practitioner

I find inspiration and great joy beeing in nature, sailing and sea kayaking.

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