Sessions & Classes

Sessions, classes and mentor program are offered over Zoom, messenger or phone

A session is between 60-90 minutes. Welcome to schedule your session by sending me an e-mail at or call me at +46 761 076 448

Sessions and classes are paid by PayPal

I also offer a mentorship program over Zoom, Luminous Warrior, this is a program specially tailored for You as a journey around the whole Medicine Wheel. A journey in all four directions where you will build your own mesa and do all of the personal healing work from the medicine wheeel and all karpays/ initiations will be given to you during meditations. (read more about the Karpays) It´s a intense journey with intention to bring personal leadership in to your life. A program where the time is Yours, You will be the only participant.

When chosing this option over zoom, the program will be held only for you in a mix of personal zoom meatings face to face, homeworks with meditations and ceremonies and written materials.

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