Shamanic Healing-

Shamanic Healing- energy healing work

It’s all about the epic journey of your soul!

I use a deep toolbox during my sessions where the illumination / light bath is the very foundation for cleansing and strengthening your energy / light -body. Shamanic journeying with Soul Retreival and Extraction of various energies and Death rites are the most common techniques. To reach and see what is not directly visible and comprehensible, we used tarot, stones and meditations to gain further clarity in what we need to do to shift your energy. Different types of ceremonies are used to change and manifest this.

All sessions take place over the phone or Zoom and last for approximatly 60-90 minutes. You book by email or by phone or by sending me a text at 0046 76-1076448, But nicest is a old fashion phone call!

Coach from Strandska Utbildning. I’m also Certified from The Four Winds Society with a Mastery in Energy Medicine since 2007

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