Strategic Intervention Life Coaching

When and what? To grow on your spiritual path, To get your life in order, When dealing with a difficult work or family situation, When you experience fears, limiting thought patterns, have sleep problems or addiction, the experience of being stuck in life and not being able to change your situation,

When you want to manifest a change in your life and strengthen a path that you have chosen, when you need assistance to find the next step and take out a new direction in life. Implement new habits and create the life you want to live. To get out of life and taught patterns and habits that keep you where you do not want to be. When you want help to anchoring a new way of life. To find a balance between work and free time and bring harmony to your life puzzle.

For who? I have had so many different clients and course participants over the years. There have been those who worked on the oil platform, as physiotherapists, as lawyers, artists, homeopaths, as nurses, shamans, doctors, business leaders, television, teachers, acupuncturists, masseurs, store owners, healers, book publishers, in music, computer programming, sales, acupuncture , at university, in research, business development, in psychiatry, coast guard, environment, as a veterinarian, pharmaceutical industry, at a library, as a psychologist, yoga instructor, fisherman, pharmacist, coach, skipper. Life Coaching works regardless of what you work with, religions or political beliefs.

How? You can choose to work with me over a longer or shorter period of time. We will use the tools that are best suited for you and the journey that you have embarked on.

All sessions take place over Skype and are booked on +46 76-1076448