”Medicine wheel was a profound journey into my self in such a way that spoke directly to both consious and unconsious parts of my being. Learn to heal and help others to heal too. Learn through reflecting with others. Learn from the old ways of the shamans how to connect with the elements, the energy and the world. And that was just the beggining! Thank you Thomas for caring and sharing this wisdom with such a joyful heart.” Keep up the good work brother.” – Konstantina, Greece

”Thomas was one of the first Munay Ki and Medicine Wheel trainers who came to Greece. I was impressed by the depth of his teaching, by the impeccable approach and the wideness of his knowledge. It is more than that, it is the mystical sense I got while interpreting and following his training and the advanced seminars. But it took some years and many other trainers on various paths of the shamanic energy healing, to realize he was the best of all. I have more than 30 years of experience in energy healing myself and I can recognize the real thing. Even now, years after I have not met him in person, he is still one of my resources.” – Marilena, Greece

”My experience in the medicine wheel was the most amazing thing I ’ve ever felt!! Deeply transformational and with a long lasting effect!! Every year that passes by, I still assimilate meanings and rites at a deeper level!! I would reccommend to everyone to have such an experience as A Medicine Wheel!! Cure for the soul and a New percpective of approaching the univerce!!”- Nafsika, Greece

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